MailFlow Monitor


Mail Flow Monitor checks the service status and also tests mail is being sent and received. You’ll know if communication stops!

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How do you know when your email system fails?

Tired of:

  • Client relationships breaking down
  • Missed deadlines or opportunities
  • Losing profit due to down time
  • No faith in your email system

Want to:

  • Reduce down time
  • Know when problems occur
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your email system is working
  • Receive reports of your email system’s daily performance

Knowing the problem exists is the first step to solving it!

Mail Flow Monitor is an On-Line email monitoring system that lets you know when email stops flowing in or out of your company. Notifications of service problems can be sent to your mobile via email or to an external email address such as your support company. Use the Mail Flow Monitor Client to keep an eye on your server and your mail flow.

How Mailflow Monitor works

Most e-mail monitoring solutions only monitor the service status of your server such as POP3 or SMTP, just because the service responds it doesn’t mean that emails are flowing! Problems are only noticed when users mention that they haven’t received any emails for a while.

By sending test emails in and out of your network Mail Flow Monitor can identify when mail stops flowing. You’ll know if communication stops!

Access online reports including the raw data collected throughout the day, reports include ICMP, Receive and Send Logs.

If you’re a support company or you have registered multiple sites / domains, download the Multi Client version of the Mail Flow Monitor Client and monitor all of your sites from one application.