Hosted SmarterMail + Premium Protection (1 Domain / 5 Mailboxes)

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SmarterMail Premium Protection Plan – Minimum 5 Mailboxes

$10.00 $5.00 Per Domain per Month + $7.95 $4.95 Per Mailbox Per Month (Includes Storage 5 GB)
Email Migration $10.00 $0.00 Per Mailbox
One-Time Setup $25.00

  • Premium Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus
    • Security at the perimeter of our Network. SecureTide®  blocks 99 percent of spam and viruses, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe. With Quarantine Alerts, SecureTide® analyzes your email history and will automatically notify you if a message from or to a previous contact is quarantined for any reason – which gives you total peace of mind that your spam filter isn’t keeping secrets from your inbox. You’ll receive a daily Held Spam Report to see the spam you’re (not) missing. You can also find and restore any legitimate messages we might mistake for spam. This service also allows you to adjust your settings to add or block other senders automatically.
  • Email Continuity Service (ECS)
    • This service gives you access to email via any device, even when the mail server goes offline. With ECS, your mail is first protected by passing through our SecureTide® servers and then delivered to your server. Users will be able to instantly log into their mail via Outlook Web Access (OWA) where they can view and respond to the last 30 days of messages as well as any new messages received. Once service is restored, any messages received during the outage will be available in your mailboxes. ECS is also backed by our US-based Phenomenal Care team, giving you access to award-winning customer support 24 hours a day, every day.